Air Atomizing Nozzle

Air Atomizing nozzles are used in applications which requires finely atomized spray of fluids.  We offer air atomizing nozzle, mist nozzle and fog nozzle for wide variety of applications. Fluid lines can be either pressurized or gravity fed.

Mist nozzles

The full cone or hollow cone pattern produced by many nozzles will break down into a fog/mist after a certain distance from the orifice.  If a cone pattern is desired then this breakdown into a true mist is not desirable.  But for some applications, the breakdown of the spray into a true homogeneous fog is the required result.  As such, there are a number of nozzles that are designed to specifically produce this effect.

A mist pattern is characterized by having a low flow rate of very small droplet sizes with almost no impact. Typically this pattern will be used for evaporation cooling, moistening or humidifying applications.

Industrial  spray nozzles

At Synergy Spray Systems, We manufacture wide range of spray Nozzles for commercial and industrial purposes. Our customers include the engineering, Coal Mine, Power, Dust Suppression, food processing, chemical and petrochemical companies in South India. Whether big or small our customers can rely upon our combined experience to ensure the correct nozzle is selected no matter the application. 

All our products are sourced from high quality suppliers but what our customers really value is our technical expertise.We make any spray application project ensuring that correct product selection is simple and hassle free. Also we can normally match nozzles from our ranges with those of competitors.

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