Leading manufacturer of Jigs and fixtures in Chennai with the in-house matching facility to manufacture custom jigs and fixtures. We have state-of-art CNC machining Centers, Lathes, Surface grinding machines, and other related machine tools to manufacture jigs and fixtures as per customer’s component drawings. Fixtures are manufactured in our facility for automotive companies in and around Greater Chennai region.

6-start Mould

Manufacturing of a 6 start threaded mould is a very complex process to manufacture abrasives.

Hydraulic fixture

Hydraulic Fixture is a clamping system that uses high-pressure liquids to power clamps and hold a work piece in place. Hydraulically clamped fixtures have many advantages over manually clamped fixtures

Pneumatic VMC Fixture

Pneumatic actuation is used to open and close the jaw faces on these grips, ideal for high volume testing and maintaining a consistent clamping pressure.

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