Chennai Precision Industries offers CNC machining service in India using high-quality CNC turning centers and Vertical Machining Centers and manufactures high precision machining in India.  As a leading CNC machining company in Chennai, India, We also export machined parts to various countries including the UK, Singapore, Sweden, and few other countries. We have a strong supplier network to process and complete components with various dimensional complexities and complex machining operations. Our precision machining capability includes automatic lathe (Turning Center) with attached bar feeder to machine small parts in volume. We provide best CNC Machining in India.

CNC Milled Parts

We pride ourselves on using only the most advanced CNC and traditional milling machinery. Upholding maximum precision tolerance, our cutting edge equipment allows for variable spindle speeds, coolant systems, and power-operated table speed capabilities. We also offer several varieties of cutters that are able to process an extensive range of materials, such as high speed aluminum and plastic machining, as well as fiberglass and other composite substances.

We work with a wide variety of CNC and traditional milling machinery including vertical, planer, and knee-type. Offering top-notch CNC and traditional vertical milling operations on all short-run production volumes, we invite you to contact our company for further information.

CNC Turned Parts

CNC Turned Parts offered by us possess high degree of accuracy and repeatability. We are well equipped with innovative technology for the products of excellent quality parts for various industries for their various features and wide application area. CNC Turned Components manufacture from various materials like stainless steel, aluminium, carbon  steel & copper alloy etc.

Jigs and Fixtures

As an advanced jig and fixture manufacturers in chennai, we design and develop Jigs and Fixtures for CNC machines based on customer’s specific drawings. We have the capability to manufacture both Hydraulic and Pneumatic fixtures of complex designs. 

Press Tools

At Chennai Precision Industries, we manufacture custom press tool for press  components which includes Compound press tools, simple press tool and many other varieties based on customer requirements

Chennai Precision Industries is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization CNC Machining company in India, specialized in manufacturing of high quality metal parts, precision CNC machining and provide offshore CNC machining services, . We provide our customers with complete machining solutions by consistently exceeding our customers’ engineering, quality, delivery, pricing and service expectations. We are focusing on long-term and sustainable development concepts with our commitment to quality standards and customer service is stronger than ever.

The products are now more complex and the parts we produce today feature cross hole drilling and tapping, slot milling, polygon milling, “C” axis milling, miniature hole drilling, pickoff with complex and extensive backworking, milling of non-conventional forms, eccentric and off center work. Customers can design complexity into their product features because we have the technology to produce it to their specifications.

Chennai Precision Industries is a Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of precision components supplying all over India as well as offshore regions like UK, Europe, Middle-east and Asian countries. Our components are technologically advanced and have high level of performance that has earned them recognition.

Our Product suits to all industrial assemblies & industrial applications. Due to sound engineering and innovative approach, We can solve manufacturing requirements of the most technically demanding parts. With state of the art machineries, skilled labour, sufficient measuring instruments and Well experienced management, we always serve better quality at best prices. We are committed in our efforts to give you total satisfaction in terms of product and service.

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