Dual Mode Nozzle – Mist & Shower flow pattern

TrueMist Twister is an innovative Dual mode Water saver Tap Nozzle which alters the water flow into mist and dispense water to maximize water utilization by saving up to 90%. Just a twist to save water between fine mist mode and shower mode.

This water saving device is made of brass and easy to install. This sink tap water saver is best for kitchen .

Mist Mode is advisable for vegetable wash, Hand wash, mild soiled plates washing and rinsing of Vessels.

Shower / Spray Mode is best for Filling glasses, Vessel washing and Higher water quantity applications.

Shower flow Nozzle – 2, 3 & 4 LPMs

Greenly True Tap Shower Nozzle TTS4 sprays water in Shower pattern. Conserving water is need of the hour as it has a very good environmental effect as well as it saves a significant amount of money. True Tap Shower is an attachment which acts as tap with shower head and controls the flow of water.

Tap Shower is versatile as it fulfils water saving requirements be it a Kitchen, wash basins, bathrooms or commercial installations.

We have 3 models starting from 2 LPM, 3 LPM and 4 LPM. Made of brass and chrome coated for durability.

Tap Shower water saver can be easily removed and attached to any Tap having suitable thread. Be it a Male (outer) thread or Female (Inner) Thread, We have wide range of Nozzle Adapters thread size that suits your tap size.

Mist flow Nozzle – 300 and 500 ml per minute

Greenly Water saver Mist Aerator for taps can be retrofit into existing tap and experience extreme water saving.

Saves around 87% compared to normal aerators and best suitable for wash basins at corporate office and Commercial establishment. Made up of engineering plastics for perfect performance (Poly Oxy Methelene).

Suitable for all taps with 22 mm Diameter threaded shells(M22/F24 threaded taps).  Mist aerator act as tap filter with Anti-clogging filter screen to filter sediments and particle.

Experience the mist with low cost under warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Umbrella flow Nozzle – 1 and 2 LPMs

Greenly spray/ shower True Aerator perfects the flow of water into spray form achieving water efficiency.

Conserve up to 75% water with our True aerators without losing the tap functionality. Water aerator starts from 2 LPM, 3 LPM and 4 LPM.

Uniform shower flow make sure that water spreads throughout the washing area evenly. Since the material is scale resistant, Our aerators lasts longer than conventional aerators.

Mist flow Nozzle – 500 ml per minute

TrueMist uses unique tap atomizer technique to convert regular water stream into fine mist which reduces the water consumption by 97% compared to normal water aerator. Normal aerators dispense 8 to 12 liters per minute whereas our water mister heads sprays only 300 ml per minute. We have wide range of Truemist models to suits your purpose ranging from 300 ml per minute to 800 ml per minute.

TrueMist is best suitable for commercial places like Shopping malls, IT parks, Canteen, hotels and restaurants.

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