Leading manufacturer and supplier of Press tools in Chennai, India including Progressive press tools, combination press tools, simple press tools and others. We provide wide range of Stage Tools like Wipeout Tool, Bending Tool, Trimming Tool and Piercing Tool. All the cutting dies undergoes vacuum hardening heat treatment process. Cutting dies are made of D2, punches & dies and the die set is made of MS top & bottom plates and En353 pillars & bushes.

We can manufacture all types of below press tools.


1 Blanking Tool
2 Piercing Tool
3 Parting Tool
4 Trimming Tool
5 Forming Tool
6 Drawing Tool
7 Progressive Tool
8 Combination Tool
9 Compound Tool


Combination press tools

In a combination tool two or more operations such as bending and trimming will be performed simultaneously. Two or more operations such as forming, drawing, extruding, embossing may be combined on the component with various cutting operations like blanking, piercing, broaching and cut off takes place- it can perform a cutting and non cutting operations in a single tool.

Combination press tools manufacturers

Compound press tools

The compound tool differs from progressive and stage tools by the arrangement of the punch and die. It is an inverted tool where blanking and piercing takes place in a single stage and also the blanking punch will act as the piercing die.

Forming press tools

Forming is the operation of deforming a part in curved profile. Forming tools apply more complex forms to work pieces. The line of bend is curved instead of straight and the metal is subjected to plastic flow or deformation.

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