Water saving nozzle can be fitted into tap fixtures and faucets to reduce water consumption by up to 97%. There are many types of water conserving nozzles available. Water Saving Nozzles can be fitted into your taps/faucets to meet your needs and preferences. It saves water and energy and help you contribute to a greener future.

A tap can output between 8 to 30 liters per minute. We only need 0.1 liters for hand-washing and 1 liter per hour to wash vessels/vegetables. This results in vast amounts of water waste every minute. Water-conserving nozzles can be set only to use the necessary amount of water to avoid wastage. If used faithfully, water-saving nozzles can reduce water scarcity and save you up to 4000 liters of water per month per household.

Here are some reasons water conserving nozzles why its important

  • Water-conserving nozzles allow us to conserve water and energy in our homes and industries. This is a huge win-win situation in terms of convenience and benefits.
  • Water-Saving Spray nozzles can help save water, energy, and money.
  • Water-Saving Tap nozzle guarantee a Return of Investment within three to four months for home application and just 1 month for commercial applications.
  • These water-saving attachments can be easily installed in your home, office, or kitchen.
  • Water-saving attachments require no effort and can be installed by anyone.

Water saving Nozzle Installation Steps:
Tap water savers are easy to install and take less than one minute. This is how to install water-saving nozzles.

  • Standard taps have an inner thread or outer thread that allows for water outflow.
  • Use a size 21 mm spanner to remove the faucet /tap nozzle caps.
  • Place the tap nozzle directly for tap with inner thread or place a tap adapter between tap and nozzle.
  • The washer should be placed over the faucet nozzle.
  • It’s done! Now you can instantly save up to 97% water and millions of liters over the long term.

TrueMIST Mist flow water saving nozzle – 300 and 500 ml per minute

Want to experience extreme water saving with mist, Install our TrueMIST water saver.

Saves 97% water out of the taps compared to normal aerators.

Best suitable for wash basins at corporate office and Commercial establishment.

Experience the mist with low cost under warranty for 2 year from the date of purchase but the return on investment of just 4 weeks to 8 weeks.

TrueMIST TWISTER Dual flow brass nozzle – Mist & Shower flow patterns

TrueMist Twister is an innovative dual-mode Water-saving tap nozzle that the regular water flows into mist and dispense water to maximize water utilization by saving up to 90%. Just a twist to save water between fine mist mode and shower mode for versatile application.

Mist Mode is advisable for vegetable wash, Hand wash, mild soiled plates washing and rinsing of Vessels.

Shower / Spray Mode is best for Filling glasses, Vessel washing and Higher water quantity applications.

Atomizer Dual Mode Tap Nozzle

Atomizer Dual is an innovative Dual mode Water saver Tap Nozzle which alters the water flow into mist and dispense water to maximize water utilization by saving up to 90%. Just a twist to save water between fine mist mode and shower mode.

Made of Brass and chrome finished for elegance and durability.

Mist Mode is advisable for vegetable wash, Hand wash, mild soiled plates washing and rinsing of Vessels.

Shower / Spray Mode is best for Filling glasses, Vessel washing and Higher water quantity applications.

We have wide range of Nozzle Adapters thread size that suits your tap size.

Truespray Umbrella flow tap nozzle

  • Can be retrofitted in any standard 22 mm Diameter Tap(M24/F24 threaded taps). No Tap replacement needed.
  • Dispense 1 LPM saving 87% of water consumption at your tap. Saves 87% of the water.
  • Customization (We can provide water flow rates as per your requirement from 1 Liter per minute to 2 liters per minute).
  • Solid construction using Stainless steel / Brass material.
  • Ergonomic Design.
  • Anti rust proof.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Made up of brass and coated with Nickel to improve life.
  • Standard Model – 1 & 2 liters per minute.
  • Best suitable for Washbasins, Canteen, Vessel Wash area, Public Places, and Commercial Kitchen.
  • Not suitable for Kitchen. Best for use at commercial places or corporate offices.
  • Operating Working pressure (1 bar to 4 bar).
  • Reduce Energy Bills.
  • Good Return on Investment.

True TapShower Water Saver

Greenly TrueTapShower Nozzle TTS2 sprays water in a Shower pattern. Conserving water is the need of the hour as it has a very good environmental effect as well as it saves a significant amount of money.

Water-Saving Nozzles, Water saving Aerator, Water saving shower from Greenly range of products gives very good results in saving water for both commercial and residential facilities.

Greenly True Tap Shower Nozzle sprays water in the Shower flow pattern and reduces water consumption at taps by 50%. Uniform tap to shower flow

Easy to install – Tap Shower can be easily removed and attached to any Tap having a suitable thread. Be it a Male (outer) thread or Female (Inner) Thread. We have a wide range of thread size that suits your tap size. Standard is M24 (Outer thread). Many custom-size threads are available on Tap Shower.

They come in many designs – Different Tap shower models can fit in any bathroom or kitchen tap. They come in sleek chrome. Choose from minimalist designs to a more elaborate design.

Customization – Have a requirement on the shower flow rates? We can make as per your specification

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