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Chennai Precision is a leading Tank Mixing Eductors Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. Tank Mixing Eductors are mixing systems that are used to thoroughly mix multiple liquids within open or enclosed tanks (or related vessels) without using baffles or other moving components within the tanks. They’re able to uniformly mix liquids of various consistencies and prevent stratification.


  • Tank blending of oils.
  • Tank Mixing Eductor in batch mixing application.
  • Tank liquid agitation.
  • Maintain solids in suspension.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Polyproplene ( PP Tank mixing eductor)
  • Poly Vinyl Cholride ( PVC Tank mixing eductor)
  • PVDF Tank mixing eductor

About Eductors:

Tank Eductors (also referred to as circulating tank eductors & tank liquid agitators) provide an effective way to mix liquids in open or enclosed tanks. They produce an intimate mixing action between the components of a liquid, while keeping the contents of the tank in constant motion. In many cases they produce a mixing action that cannot be duplicated using mechanical methods. Tank eductors can handle a variety of viscosities and types of liquids, including slurries and suspensions. Their thorough mixing action makes them especially useful for maintaining uniform liquid characteristics throughout the tank contents , such as temperature, pH, or solids distribution. The tank eductor is also used to prevent separation of non-mixable liquids or stratification of liquids having different specific gravities. Tank eductors offer low initial cost, light weight and easy installation. They are inherently non-clogging and with no moving parts, require little or no maintenance . Tank eductors allow the use of a smaller recirculating pump than normally would be needed to move a given volume of liquid. This saves energy while providing more effective mixing and circulation. They are available in materials to suit a variety of applications in food, chemical, refining and other process industries.

How tank mixing eductors work
A predetermined amount of liquid (called operating fluid) is pumped through a header to one or more tank eductors submerged inside the tank. Depending upon the application , the operating fluid can be liquid drawn from the tank, or it can be a second liquid from another source that is to be mixed with the tank contents. As the operating fluid leaves the nozzle of the tank eductor, it entrains material from the tank. The operating fluid and entrained material are thoroughly mixed inside the parallel section of the tank eductor before being discharged. The discharge flow, or plume, continues the mixing and agitation o f the liquid throughout the tank.


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