Paint Spray Atomizing Nozzle Air Atomizing Spray Nozzle

Fuso Seiki Lumina ST5 and ST6. Air atomizing spray nozzle manufactured by FUSO SEIKI.

Chennai Precision Industries deals in Fuso Seiki Lumina spray nozzle in India. Lumina models are either imported from Japan or China.

Fuso Seiki - Lumina Paint Spray Air Atomizing Spray Nozzle

Model Name: ST-6 / ST - 5  (Manufacturer : Fuso Seiki, Japan)

Spray Pattern: Both Flat fan, Jet and round pattern

Flow Rate (Water) Ml/ 3.3’ (1m) Gravity Feed: 0-600

Air consumption L/min.(0.3 MPa):140

Material - Stainless Steel or Brass

Made in China.


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